On Friday, August 4, six undergraduates will give 15-minute presentations on research findings from their 10-week Genome Sciences and Medicine Summer Scholars experience.

GCB partnered with the Center for Applied Genomics and Precision Medicine (CAGPM) to design this year’s program aimed at first- and second- year Duke Undergraduate students. The program allows students to work with faculty to develop a passion for research. Students engage in ongoing projects and gain an appreciation for the values of open-ended, student-initiated research.

For many, Summer Scholars gives students their first lab experience and offers an interactive and collaborative experience.

“I have learned not only how to master the pipet, but also to analyze conceptual ideas such as DNA translation and CRISPR in the lab,” first-year student Jeffrey Gu said.

Students work with faculty mentors to develop a passion for research. This year’s mentors were Ashley Chi, Charlie Gersbach, Xiling Shen, Deepak Voora and Arthur Moseley. Projects cover a wide range of topics including cancer research, muscular degeneration, proteomic analysis, neurodegenerative diseases and prognostic biomarkers of aspirin responses in patients.

“Summer Scholars was perfect for me,” first-year student Jennifer Huh said. “I feel empowered, and I want to continue asking questions and expanding my role as an investigator of fundamental science.”

Presentations will be held at 9:30 AM on Friday, August 4 in 2240 CIEMAS. All are welcome to attend.

Originally posted on August 2, 2017 on Duke GCB News

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