Nathan Wellman – Graphics and Photography

Eliciting Emotion

Growing up, Nathan Wellman always drew. Sometimes his works of art ended up on paper, other times, furniture and walls. And while the mere thought of that may send shock waves up most parents’ spines, Wellman’s parents supported his creative endeavors. They kept Wellman in art classes that worked with different mediums and always allowed him to express himself. In high school, Wellman took every art elective offered and continued to fuel his passion. After high school, he studied art and graphic design at The Living Arts College.

Today, he creates art using a variety of methods, including sewing, photography, drawing, painting, sculpting, and graphic design. “My favorite [method] is using a mix of mediums. I love to draw using pen and ink, and then scan my drawings in to apply color through Adobe Illustrator. It gives my illustrations a clean, finished look.” Much of his work has an “alive” feel to it. Whether the piece is a photograph of a woman tied up between the rails of a railroad track or an illustration of a Lady Gaga-esqe dodo bird showing off her unique style, he creates a story for his viewers to find and create for themselves. Wellman says, “Each piece is meant to tell a story and have a feeling. When I draw a character, I want the viewer to be able to see it animated.”

Wellman creates art because it elicits emotion in other people. “People can view the same piece of work and interpret it in totally different ways. The different feelings and emotions people get when looking at the same piece really fascinates me,” he says.

AC nathan wellman

Much of the work Wellman creates is done in his bedroom studio. He has a drafting table, backdrop, and mannequins around the room in addition to his 27 inch Mac computer, art and design books on the shelves, and several projects in various stages of development. “An organized mess,” Wellman calls it.

Even though Wellman is only 24, he has already had some successes in his artistic career. In 2012, he had his first “real” art show in Raleigh with three other artists and photographers called 4×24 in which he showcased his photography. He is also a six time Addy Awards winner, most recently winning “Student Gold” for illustration and “Student Silver” for photography. As he continues to grow as an artist, he hopes to work with a graphic design firm and focus on print media.

“I create art to make others happy or sad or [show] any kind of emotion,” Wellman says.


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