Bonded Llama Art Studio

Creation and Reinvigoration

bonded llama

In a seemingly forgotten area of Raleigh, twelve artists work and create. Bonded Llama Artist Studio is an arts collective off of Capital Boulevard. Although the space may be a little difficult to find, that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth the effort.

The studio used to be an office building, but in 2005, two local artists acquired the space and converted it. The artists in the studio include Matt Scofield, Ann Marie Kennedy, Luke Buchanan, Sean Kernick, David Eichenberger, Rachel Herrick, Jennifer Partridge, Derek Toomes, Cayce Lee, and Shelly Smith. Their talents are far reaching and include painting, printing, textiles, paper making, metal sculpture, installation art, and jewelry design.

Although each artist has his/her own individual goals, “the studio is both a means to reinvigorate a forgotten section of the city and [provide] a communal working environment for local artists.” Twice a year, Bonded Llama holds an open house. The public is welcome to enter the studio, meet artists, and see original artwork. The open houses are held in the fall and spring. The last open house was held on November 11. If you can’t wait until spring to check out some of the art behind the Bonded Llama doors, you can call and make an appointment with an artist.



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