Tim Postell – Painter

Beauty in the Simplicities of Life

tim postell

Tim Postell grew up in a rural area of Gastonia, NC. He spent much of his childhood playing sports and working on his small family farm. In 1996, after spending several years serving in the US Air Force, working full time at Duke Energy, and attending night school, Postell left Duke Energy and transferred to East Carolina University to pursue his dream of becoming an artist. In 1999, he graduated from ECU and began grad school at Hoffberger School of Painting at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, MD.

He now resides in Knightdale, NC, and works as a full time artist and teacher. Most days, he can be found either in his studio at Artspace or out on location somewhere in the countryside painting landscapes.

Postell’s landscapes portray places you wish you could go. Postel says, “I approach each landscape with the purpose of not copying it, but instead, I try to capture its essence and its beauty.” Some of his paintings have visible brush stokes while others seem like one color melts into another effortlessly. Many are reminiscent of Monet, and all of his landscapes portray tranquility. Common elements like fields, puffy clouds, bridges, barns, water, and dirt roads show beauty in the simplicities of life.

“Like Monet, I want to paint the air around the subjects before me,” Postell says. “I think of landscapes as those moments between breaths, the sound after a water drop rejoins a puddle, and the instant after a leaf breaks free and begins its journey.”

With each landscape he paints, Postell wants his viewers to be able to take the time to exhale and rediscover those small moments in time that bring tranquility and harmony into their lives.

Postell’s paintings are all over the world both in private and corporate collections.

“My paintings are passageways for one’s journey to discover common ground.”



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